Figma to Code | 10 Powerful Figma Plugins That Seamlessly Convert Your Designs to Code


Revolutionizing Design Workflow: 10 Powerful Figma Plugins That Seamlessly Convert Your Designs to Code

In the fast-paced world of design and development, the bridge between design and code has never been more critical. Designers and developers alike are constantly seeking efficient tools to streamline their workflow and enhance collaboration. If you’re a Figma user looking to convert your designs into code effortlessly, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll explore ten game-changing plugins that bring your Figma designs to life with just a few clicks.

1. Clapy Figma to Code:

  • Link to Plugin – Generate clean React, HTML and CSS code from your Figma files in a few seconds. Custom React components from any Figma design. Don’t code your custom UI from scratch. Made by picky developers, for picky developers.

2. Anima:

  • Link to Plugin Anima stands out with its AI-powered capabilities, offering code generation for React, HTML, Vue.js, CSS, and Tailwind CSS. This plugin caters to designers looking for a versatile solution that adapts to various coding preferences.


  • Link to Plugin Powered by AI, converts Figma designs to React, Vue.js, and Tailwind CSS. Its adaptability and intuitive interface make it a favorite among designers and developers seeking a quick and efficient way to translate designs into code.

4. LocoFy:

  • Link to Plugin LocoFy’s beta version offers Figma to code conversion for React, React Native, HTML, CSS, Next.js, Gatsby, and Vue.js. With its comprehensive language support, LocoFy caters to a broad spectrum of development needs.

5. CodeFun:

  • Link to Plugin CodeFun simplifies the design-to-code process by providing clean HTML, CSS, and React code. This user-friendly plugin is an excellent choice for designers who prioritize a straightforward and efficient workflow.

6. Figma to HTML by PXCode:

  • Link to Plugin PXCode’s plugin focuses on generating responsive HTML, React, and Vue.js code from Figma designs. Its responsiveness ensures that your designs are faithfully translated across various screen sizes.

7. TeleportHQ:

  • Link to Plugin TeleportHQ excels in converting Figma designs into production-ready code, supporting HTML, CSS, React, and Vue.js. With its export options and clean code output, TeleportHQ is a reliable companion for design-to-code projects.

8. Buzzy:

  • Link to Plugin Buzzy introduces a no-code approach to Figma design translation, making it an excellent choice for those who want a simplified process for building native apps and websites directly from their Figma designs.

9. Dhiwise:

  • Link to Plugin Dhiwise is a versatile Figma plugin offering code generation for React, Vue.js, HTML, and CSS. Its adaptability and clean code output make it a valuable asset for designers with diverse coding preferences.

10. Codia AI:

  • Link to Plugin Codia AI stands out with its AI-driven approach, supporting various frameworks such as HTML, CSS, React, Vue.js, iOS, Android, Flutter, and Tailwind CSS. This comprehensive plugin ensures flexibility and efficiency in code generation.

Bonus Plugin: Codelessly:

  • Link to Plugin Codelessly simplifies the Figma-to-code process, offering solutions for websites, apps, and even Flutter projects. With its user-friendly interface, it’s an excellent choice for designers seeking a straightforward design-to-code conversion.

These ten Figma plugins redefine the design-to-code process, catering to the diverse needs of designers and developers. By incorporating these plugins into your workflow, you can transform your Figma designs into functional, production-ready code with ease. Enhance your efficiency, collaboration, and creativity with these powerful tools. Happy coding!

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Converting Figma Designs to Code

Once you have designed a complete user interface in Figma, the next step is to take those designs and convert them to code that can be implemented on the web. Here are some of the top options for exporting Figma designs directly to code:

Figma to HTML/CSS
Figma has a built-in plugin called Figma to HTML/CSS that allows you to export a design as multi-page responsive website files including HTML, CSS and images. It’s a quick way to get started with a basic coded version of your design directly from Figma. The generated code can then be further customized as needed.

Figma to Webflow
The Webflow plugin for Figma enables you to export components from your Figma file directly as pages, sections and elements in Webflow. This allows you to build fully functional prototypes and sites visually in Webflow using your existing Figma designs. Any changes made in Figma will sync over to the corresponding objects in Webflow.

Figma to React
Plugins like React Components by Anthropic allow you to export designs and components from Figma as React components. These come pre-styled with CSS modules and ready for implementation in a React project. The exported code contains everything needed to render the designs as React components.

Figma to WordPress
Plugins such as Figma to WordPress enable you to generate WordPress themes from Figma designs. You can export sections as pages, layers as components, and stylings as CSS. This creates a starter WordPress theme file structure containing all the elements from your Figma design file.

Figma to Flutter
Figma plugins like Figma to Flutter allow conversion of Figma designs into native Flutter widgets. This lets you export vector graphics, text styles, spacing and more, creating a starting Flutter project whose UI matches your designs. The widgets are responsive and reactive following Flutter best practices.

Figma to Webflow Plugin
The Webflow plugin mentioned above takes it a step further by mapping elements from Figma to the corresponding Webflow components during export. This retains the structure and interactivity from Figma inside the Webflow interface for dynamic prototyping and development.

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