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Figma has become a go-to design tool for creating captivating user interfaces and prototypes. To optimize your efficiency and streamline your design process, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the key Figma shortcuts for Windows. In this blog post, we will delve into the most crucial keyboard shortcuts that will greatly enhance your productivity in Figma.

Figma Shortcuts

Figma Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Section Action Windows Shortcut
TOOLS Line tool L
Add comment C
Slice tool S
Text T
Pen P
Move V
Rectangle R
Color V
VIEW Outlines CTRL + Y
Pixel grid CTRL + ‘
Open asset panel Alt + 2
Open layers panel Alt + 1
Open prototype panel Alt + 9
Open design panel Alt + 8
Open inspect panel Alt + 0
ZOOM Zoom out
Zoom in +
TEXT Underline CTRL + U
Create link CTRL + K
Center text ALT + CTRL + T
Align text left Alt + CTRL + L
Align text right ALT + CTRL + R
Italicize CTRL + I
Bold CTRL + B
Remove stroke /
Flatten selection CTRL + E
Remove fill ALT + /
Join selection CTRL + J
Paint bucket B
ELEMENT SELECTION Deep select – CTRL + Click
Select None Esc
Paste properties ALT + CTRL + V
Copy properties ALT + CTRL + C
Paste CTRL + V
Cut CTRL + X
Rename selection CTRL + R
Bring forward CTRL + ]
Align top ALT + W
Align left ALT + A
Align right ALT + D
Align bottom ALT + S
Align centers ALT + H and ALT + V
Bring to front ALT + CTRL + [
COMPONENTS Detach instance ALT + CTRL + B
Team library ALT + CTRL + O
Show assets ALT + 2
Show components menu ALT + I
Create component ALT + CTRL + K

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Efficiency and speed are crucial in the world of design, and mastering the Figma shortcuts for Windows will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge. By using these shortcuts, you can navigate the canvas, make selections, edit and style objects, manage layers and components, and create impressive presentations and prototypes seamlessly.

Remember to practice these shortcuts regularly to internalize them and make them a natural part of your design workflow. With the help of this Figma shortcuts cheat sheet, you can elevate your productivity and create exceptional designs in less time.

So, start incorporating these Figma shortcuts into your design process and witness the significant impact they have on your efficiency and output.

Happy designing with Figma!

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